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Nick's Soul Food Cuisine 

Welcome to Nick's Soul Food Cuisine Your Home from Home. We are also the home of the "Biggest Corned Beef Sandwich in Texas". Everything we do is fresh clean and made from scratch. Chef Antonio with over 25years of cooking experience brings you the food you been waiting for... so please take a look at the menu and place your order... Due to Covid-19 our menu is limited so please make sure you call to find out what's available so we can better serve you

The Jump off (appetizers)

Fried Pickle Chips

our dill pickles dipped in beer batter and deep fried to perfection.


Truffle Fries w/ shaved parmesan and fresh herb.

Our Crispy Crinkle Cut Fries drizzled with Truffle oil and sea salt then topped with saved parmesan.


Bacon  jalapeno poppers

Cut into halves pitted and then stuffed with crab meat stuffing topped with mozzarella cheeses then wrapped in bacon and baked to perfection. 5 per order. 


Nick's Deli

Awesome Fries

Perfectly fried french fries comes out HOT!  then seasoned with our Awesome secret seasoning


Onion Rings

Battered Rings of Onion deep fried and seasoned


Potato Salad                         8.oz

Seasoned potatoes mixed with Roasted peppers, red onions, celery, eggs, and in house mayo


NIck's Soul Food Cuisine

City Life Corned Beef Sandwiches

Choice of meats 

Corned Beef, Pastrami, Roast Beef

Choice of Bread

Rye, Pumperknickle, Sour Dough, Onion Roll

Extra meat...….$2.50

Reg 1/2lb....$9.99


Corned beef on your choice of bread with toppings , mustard and choice of bread 


The Big Pounder 2lbs.of meat

Stacked Corned beef on your Choice of bread, cheese, mayo, and  mustard. 


Lettuce and Tomatoes by request only all sandwiches comes with a pickle,  choice of cheese : Swiss, Smoked Gouda, pepper jack and american.

Ribeye Steak Hoagie

seasoned,  tender, and juicy ribeye chunks grilled to perfection with grilled onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese on a grilled hoagie bun. choice of A1 sauce on the side


xtra meat $ 3.99

Smoked Turkey Club w/ Applewood bacon

3 layer club sandwich with smoked turkey, Applewood bacon, Pastrami, lettuce, tomatoes, on choice of bread Pumperknickel, Sour Dough or Rye.


Holy Mami Pastrami 1lb.

cooked and


But wait there's more!!


corned beef or pastrami on grilled rye with choice of cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. 


1lb. $11.99 

Wings combo

4 whole wings seasoned to perfection with our special seasoning


Deep fried Mac & Cheese bites

our delicious deep fried mac and cheese bites you are going to love them! (8)


Pastrami and Corned Beef

comes with L,T,O,P  choice of cheese and dressing


The Mean Baked Beans

Cole Slaw

Pasta Salad

6oz. $3.50      8oz. $5.50

Soul for the Soul

Deep Country Fried Chicken seasoned, delicious and cooked to perfection 3PCS. (breast, thigh, leg)/ 2 wings or 2 breast $1.50 more.

This is a brief item description.


Fried Porkchop

2 porkchops with choice of  2 sides


Oxtails w/ Red bean & rice

seasoned and slow cooked with fresh vegetables in beef stock and Red wine with our slow cook homemade Red beans and rice with andouille sausage.


More Soul

Smothered Chicken or Smothered Porkchops

with choice of 2 sides and muffin


Fried Catfish 

Our seasoned catfish deep fried and delicious with a choice of 2 sides


Beer Battered Cod

2 pcs. of cod dipped in our homemade beer battered and fried to perfection with lemon wedge and choice of 2 sides


Soulful Sides

Collard Greens

Greens slow cooked with Turkey meat and chicken stock , seasoned and served with corn muffin


Blackeyed peas


Fried Cabbage


More sides

Candied Yams


Cornbread Dressing w/ chicken


Mac & Cheese